The Zippy World of Transportation

When you think of transportation, what comes to your mind? The world of transportation exists beyond four wheeled vehicles, planes and bikes. From the blood flowing through our veins, to how water flows up the roots of a tree to reach the leaves, to how a hovercraft works, transportation takes place everywhere. Understanding this simple world can help us apply concepts of transportation to answering questions such as if square wheels work as well as round wheels.

Students should be able to develop a passion for science beyond textbooks and lectures and see science as it happens around them. This can be easily achieved by showing them simple examples of scientific theories being put into practice around them in everyday life. In order to help students understand and apply these concepts better, ScienceAdda researches these concepts and illustrates them through the world of the transportation pavilion. The pavilion helps students recall and apply the concepts in everyday life, engaging them deeper in the world around them and building a passion for scientific knowledge.

Experiences Include

Basic transport principles– Designing to be faster, better and cheaper
Bio transport– Understanding how we can learn from nature
On land – Roads, trains- from wave boards to ATVs
On & in water– Motive power, wave motion & exploring the earliest mode of transport
Flight of Fancy– Understanding how planes fly & the future of delivery
Virtual transport– Is voice/image transmission also transport?