The Mesmerizing Mechanics and Motion Pavilion

We are amazed by the simplest every day mechanics and motion. Lenardo da vinci once absorbed the ideas behind these simple mechanics and motions to apply to and create exemplary masterpieces. These masterpieces can only fully be understood once the scientific concepts behind simple mechanics are grasped by students.

The mechanics and motion Pavilion brings to life the subject by creating stories and illustrating basic physical phenomenon linked to everyday life. Teaching students basic concepts such as the principle on which a pair of scissors is created. The mechanics and motion pavilion assists students in remembering these scientific ideas for life while applying them to everyday example and them.

Experiences Include

Levers– leveraging the concept of simple machines
Joints and Links– Unlinking the mystery between different kinds of connectors
Friction– How surfaces and objects interact when brought nearer to each other
Forces of motion– Unravelling the forces found around us.
Motion – Speeding up the study of how we move from A to B.