About Us

ScienceAdda started off as a “passion project” for a set of Bangalore, India based Engineers. The vision was to re-imagine the way Science was being taught. After looking at all the existing models in the market – the team settled down on a few key principles that continue to be the driving force. These guiding principles are

  • At location (mobile) : Given the increased issues with getting students to a world-class science center, the model that we wanted to establish was one of reach. The ScienceAdda model is designed in such a manner that it can be taken and setup in any school across the country. We call this the “suitcase” model. All that is needed is some covered space and standard electrical points.
  • Topical (Thematic) : We clearly wanted to make up for the growing divide in the “subject” model. Currently, some students are taught by different subject teachers ie. Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography (for Geo Sciences) etc. We wanted to create a holistic structure and hence we are thematic. When we cover SOUND, we also cover MUSIC.
  • Hands On = Minds On : All our experiences are designed to be hands-on. There is enough proof that experiential learning is one fo the best models and we not only incorporate this portion, but, also the fact that there is a CURATOR who is a story-teller. The students also participate in a group and hence peer involvement in the questioning process is established.
  • Scale : The ScienceAdda team strongly believes that the best way we can be of service to the learning effort is to create a model that will scale across the world. All technology & operational processes have been tuned for this. Today, we are one of the largest curator lead Licensee / Franchisee network across the nation and can deliver complex / individualised programs across the network.

Operational Team

  • Kesari S A

    Kesari, one of our earliest employees handles Finance, Billing, Compliance and all partner receipts and payments.

  • Mehak Kalra

    Mehak handles all of our Sales & Business Development. She is the one who nurtures and cajoles our clients & partners.

  • Samarth

    Samarth runs field operations for ScienceAdda and will most often be seen on the phone trying to cajole and convince partners to get show dates.

Executive + Founders

  • Ravindra Krishnappa

    Founder & Director : Ravi is passionate about all things educational and ScienceAdda has been his dream to get kids more curious. He is creating a new measure for learning called CQ (Curiosity Quotient).

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  • Naganand Doraswamy

    Founder & Director : Entreprenuer, Networking & telecom specialist, Naga decided to be a a part of the Adda as soon as he heard the pitch. While not working on his full time role as a VC, Naga spends time in the HR and people side of ScienceAdda

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  • Kumar Nagaraja

    Founder & Director Kumar, a co-conspirator of ScienceAdda, comes in with 25+ years of IT infrastructure management experience.

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  • Srivatsan Attur

    Vatsa comes with decades of experience in setting up Licensee / Franchisee network. He helps identify, establish and manage partner relationships for ScienceAdda

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Advisory Team

  • Ashok Hattangady

    Ashok, an investor & advisor helps curate the experiences and ensures that we are correct in all aspects technical

  • Pradeep Mittal

    Pradeep, an investor & advisor helps steer us in strategy

  • Hema Hattangady

    Hema, an investor and advisor is the sounding board from all things related to HR and Positioning

  • Ajith Shivapuja

    Ajith, an investor and advisor is our local sourcing & prototype creation expert.

  • Sivaram Kuppachi

    Advisor, steps in to help in all areas related to Marketing