The Enchanting Entertainment Pavilion

Entertainment has always been associated with amusement, enjoyment, relaxation & fun. Science has had a major role in this very large world of leisure. From early Radios & Music through to Virtual Reality, Science is embedded in all aspects of entertainment. In fact, from the beginning, the world of magic as entertainment has had its strong foundation in the Science of illusions and make-believe.

Our pavilion explores how key scientific developments in areas of Audio (Music), Radio, Television, Photography, Movies have evolved. Students will be able to link what they’ve learnt in Science at school to everyday entertainment that they experience and enjoy. We also draw a parallel to tying in all our sensory perceptions to create immersive and interactive entertainment – be it social or gaming.

Come, play, experience and enjoy this great new pavilion.

Experiences Include

About Entertainment : From early days of Audio, Visual and Tactile cues to the current state-of-the-art entertainment.
Audio: The ability to record & replay voices and music. Phonographs to MP3 players, the world of Radio / FM transmission and connect to everyday audio terms like Surround sound, Noise reduction / cancellation .
Video: The ubiquitous world of Television, from Talkies to 3D and holographic movies. How photography and optical illusions have evolved into the immersive world of Virtual reality.
Games: The backing of Science from early toys related to hand-eye-coordination through gaming as a genre of entertainment. Get a fresh look at building interactive games that tie multiple aspects of your sensory system.