The Breezy Air & Atmosphere Pavilion

Air along with Earth, Water and Fire has always had a prime position in the study of Science from time immemorial. It is interesting to note that all ancient civilizations have had a spirit or god associated with Air. The air we breathe, the weather we enjoy (or not), the atmosphere that allows us to fly has always been the topics of a conversation starter.

Our Pavilion explores not only all aspects of the air and atmosphere we study ie. the composition of air, the properties of the atmosphere, winds & weather systems as part of Geo Sciences, but, also important environmental aspects related to Pollution and Weather Systems. Every student will be able to link what they’ve learnt in Science & Geography and Environment related topics at school to everyday experiences.

The Air & Atmosphere Pavilion Experiences Include

  • About Air : Composition, the different layers in the atmosphere around Earth, properties properties of air and it’s behavior.
  • Interplay of pressure, temperature and speed: Moisture, air columns, the concept of atmospheric pressure. Impact of air pressure on temperature and vice-versa, speed of air .vs. pressure & temperature etc. How do we use these in real life – from Syphons to Mastering the skies (flying)
  • Wind & Weather systems: The impact on our everyday lives, from breezes to typhoons, from cold fronts to cyclonic depressions. From life giving monsoons to the magical Auroras.
  • Environment impact / Pollution: How to relate Air Quality Index to pollutants like Particulate Matter, acid rain, global warming and more.