The Energizing Electricity Pavilion

Electricity is at the core of every activity we take part in. Whether it be our mobile devices or trains we take to work, electricity is solely responsible for ‘lighting’ up our lives. For something as universal as electricity in single-handedly powering many things, most of us struggle to grasp basic concepts of this powerful force.

With the help of the electricity pavilion, ScienceAdda demystifies the entire concept of charge, electricity current fields and all connecting aspects of electricity. Come experience the intelligent word of electricity on the topics below that are bound to leave you charged.

Experiences Include

Concepts and basics: Static, current, polarity potential etc
The cycle of power: Generation, Transmission, Storage & Consumption
Converting Electricity: Energy conversion from and to electricity
Conductors, Insulators & Semi conductors: From normal wire to super conductors
Electricity in plants & animals: Figuring out Organic LED to ECG/EEGs
Bridge over to magnetism: Commonality & differences between Electricity & Magnetism