For Parents

Parents want their children to do well as far as school and studies are concerned. The added complexity is that EVERY child is exposed to technology at home (Touchpads, Smartphones, Microwave / Induction cooking equipment, Hi-tech entertainment etc), that finds no link to what is learnt at school. And parents also want to ensure that children do not completely forget about studies during holidays. But more often these tasks can be difficult to accomplish, as children either find studying boring or are just not interested.

How can you as a parent fix this?
Let us help you.

Our practical hands-on approach works a lot better in clarifying scientific concepts and quenching a student’s thirst for curiosity. ScienceAdda’s vision is to kindle children’s curiosity for science by facilitating exploratory learning. Our guiding principle is Hands-On = Minds-On, so we engage with children in a variety of stimulating ways. Be it our PAVILION (Thematic shows) or our workshops, all of ScienceAdda’s offerings allow for a set of DIY activities that are both engaging & entertaining.

Our offerings are sure to kindle that fire for curiosity in your child.

Pavilion Shows
Our Pavilion shows run at schools and the duration of each is about 90 minutes. A pavilion is a thematic exploration on one topic : eg. Electricity, Water, Air & Atmosphere etc. Each theme covers all of the Science subjects ie. cuts across Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Sciences and even things like Geography.

FundaTronics Series & ThodPhodJod
Want to quench some electronics thirst? Presenting the FUNDATRONICS SERIES – a part of our experiential learning foray. We believe that electronics is not rocket science and is for everyone, so we have developed our own base board. This is to enable learning how electrical and electronics circuits function, through multiple modules and subscription kits. Kids can also bring in old electronic items that are no longer working (Eg. TV remote, old radio, old telephone), pull out the individual components and build something NEW.

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Vacation & Weekend Workshops

ScienceAdda presents some full filled workshops to keep the kids busy during vacation. We offer workshops on ‘Fundatronics’ and ‘Garage Chemistry’. These fun filled workshops are sure to keep the little ones busy. So what’s unique about our workshops? For starters, the workshops included theme-based Pavilions that are curator led. Apart from the learning experience, we also have a bit of fun with electronics, not to mention group DIY activities and more. Rest assured, your child will know a lot more and be ready to TEACH you when he/she returns from our workshops. To know more about where we will conduct workshops around the city this holiday season, please register / like our Facebook page.