The Sizzling Heat and Energy Pavilion

Heat as a form of energy is well known to every child. From simple experiences to differentiate heat from temperature and going all the way to energy conservation and global warming, this pavilion builds a great story linking the concepts learnt to real life applications.

All of us remember our first scalded tongue while sipping hot coffee or eating hot food. All children are fascinated by the simple lighting of a matchstick or an induction stove. However, the abstract definitions of terms like Calories of energy in food, its thermal equivalent, Energy effectiveness vs Energy efficiency, all throw a curve ball. ScienceAdda’s pavilion on Heat, Energy and Conservation, ties in all these terms into one simple and easy-to-understand thematic pavilion.

You might ask: Why are we doing these two topics together?
The answer is: Why not? After all, isn’t heat the ultimate form of energy dissipation in our known universe?

The Heat & Energy Pavilion Experiences Include
  • Energy Basics – Forms of Energy: Potential, Kinetic & Mechanical Energy and also energy in inanimate objects, plants & animals.
  • Conversion – Energy in a given body, relationship to heat, food calories and the concepts of energy balance.
  • Heat Basics – Thermal energy, molecular behavior , measuring heat & temperatures, stories from absolute zero to latent heat.
  • Generation, Storage & Transmission – Concepts of thermal equivalent conduction, convection, radiation. Experiences to link conductors & insulators.
  • Clean, Green Energy – Energy hierarchy, its conservation, working towards an environmental mandate – Reuse, Reduce & Recycle (The 3 R’s)