The Magical Magnetism Pavilion

Magnets have been a part of every child’s toy kit. Though each of us has spent endless hours with these small bits of metal, they continue to fascinate even today. Proof of these are the numerous magnets stuck to the fridge at home, or the presence of this material in every speaker/microphone at home. Knowing that our Earth is a large magnet and studying that Magnetism is a “weak” force, has not really done much in helping us link this to our everyday lives. For something as familiar to us through most of our lives, we still seem to struggle with this magical force when it comes to everyday usage and nifty applications.

With the help of the magical magnetic pavilion, ScienceAdda demystifies the entire concept of Dipoles, Bio-magnetism, chemistry AND how it connects to electricity. Come experience the magical world of magnetism where objects seemingly float in the air (levitate) and learn about the force field that protects all of us from harmful radiation.

The Magnetism Pavilion Experiences Include

  • Concepts and Basics – Polarity , Earth as a giant Magnet, magnetic field & flux.
  • Creating & Destroying Magnets – Inducing magnetism, Permanent (Ferro) magnets, Electromagnetism and special consideration for Anti-magnets, Dia-Magnets/Para-Magnets, etc.
  • Connection to Electricity – Bridge to electricity, Energy Conversion, electromagnetic spectrum and the basics of motors/generators.
  • Bio-magnetisim – Magnetoreception (Sense magnetism), Cyptochrome (Seeing Magnetic fields) and the influence of magnets in plant and animals.
  • Chemistry and Atomic Nature – Ferromagnetism, heavy metal magnetic behavior, link to conductors, Magnetic field and radiation.
  • Cool Applications – From Maglev (magnetic levitation) to MRIs, from Microphones to Microwaves, a myriad of magnetic applications in everyday life.