For Schools

Teaching children these days is no child’s play. Teachers have to find innovative ways to keep children engaged during class, to ensure they understand what is being taught.

So just a blackboard won’t do right?

Moreover, the syllabus is designed for coverage & concepts – more often than not, disconnected from daily applications of science outside of our artificial segmentation (Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Geography, Environmental Science etc). What’s our solution?

        A practical hands-on approach that works a lot better in clarifying scientific concepts and quenching a student’s thirst for curiosity. ScienceAdda’s vision is to kindle children’s curiosity for science by facilitating exploratory learning. Our guiding principle is Hands-On = Minds-On, so we engage with children in a variety of stimulating ways. Discover how our offerings can enhance learning in your school.

        How does it work ? 

  • We bring the thematic pavilions to your school and setup it up (museum style, only hands-on) in less than an hour.
  • We just need covered space (25′ x 30′) and some electrical plug points. Nothing ELSE !
  • We address students from class 4th through 9th (or 10th)
  • 30-50 students (one section) at a time in a batch
  • Each batch lasts 2 periods (80-90 mins)
  • 4 Pavilions in an academic year
    *Charges are on per child basis

Please go to this link for details of our pavilion shows.