The Mighty Light Pavilion

The mysteries of light have always fascinated mankind. Thousands of great scientists have spent their lives trying to understand and unravel the mysteries of light, yet there is so much more to discover. This is what makes light such an interesting and absorbing subject of learning. ScienceAdda has carefully chosen a few topics that cover the curriculum, to help children understand the concept of light more clearly, through the light pavilion.

The pavilion will have examples to help visualize light rays reflecting from mirror, colours in a rainbow etc., followed by a series of silly but age appropriate questions. For examples, why are rainbows bent in an arc? Why not in a circle?

Experiences covered

  • Optics –World through our Eyes
  • Bend it like light -Reflects, Refracts and Magnify
  • Light Entertainment –Photography and cinematics
  • Light Scope-Telescope, Microscope and Kaleidoscope
  • Light in Colour-Shades and Shadows
  • Light Spell– Optical illusion/Perception