Summer Camps

At ScienceAdda, we create a fun and unforgettable learning experience for children in the area of Science. We innovate and create thematic (topics in science) experiential Science pavilions that is curated (storytellers) and delivered to children at schools or public locations. These experiences allow children to relate what they learn at school (curriculum) to real-life applications. Our Thematic Pavilions cover single topics like Water, Electricity etc. to more complex / applied ones like Science of Transportation & Science of Entertainment. All Pavilions are very interactive and HANDS ON.

We also run 2-4 weeks summer camps for 2 different age groups ie. upto 8 years and 8 years+. Our signature “Garage Chemistry” and the “Thod Phod Jod” camps bring together modern electronics sensors (IOT), Electronics, Robotics, the 5 ancient elements and the 5 human senses to experiences.

ScienceAdda is proud to present a month long Science summer camp, in association with the prestigious Vikram Sarabhai Science Foundation in Kakkanad, Kochi VSSF
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