ScienceAdda, through its large Licensee and Franchisee network, has a large reach across India. Our partners are as committed and involved as the core team. The team ensures that all selection, training and delivery metrics are measured and tuned for the best experience in Schools. The model we follow is one of Regional Licensee, Master Franchisee (large city or cluster) and Franchisee (Individual operators).

  • Licensee : A licensee is authorised to enlist partners and manage the territory (usually a complete geographic state or a region). They are involved both from sales & operational perspectives and are really the representatives of ScienceAdda in that region. They work with the master franchisees and individual franchisees to ensure that the brand is protected and is grown with great customer references. The licensee is expected to have a branded physical space, a regional sales manager and a regional curator / trainer.
  • Master Franchisee :¬†A master franchisee oversees either¬†cluster of towns or a large city (eg. Mumbai). A master franchisee has roughly about 3-5 individual franchisees in these specific areas. Not all regions / clusters have a master franchisee and in these cases, the individual franchisee reaches out to the licensee directly.
  • Franchisees : Franchisees, cover a region of roughly 200+ schools in a particular town / geography. They are the actual operational partner and therefore are involved in both the sales process and the delivery process. Given that they are the field representatives of ScienceAdda, they get a lion’s share of the revenue.

We currently have Licensees and Franchisees operational in the following States :

We are also soliciting Franchisee / Licensee applications for the regions that are yet to be represented. If you are interested, please use the “Register Interest” button below to fill out a form and we’ll have our team reach out to you at the earliest.