Curated and engaging educational tours

We have partnered with Inverted Prism to deliver Overseas Educational Tours : To our exacting standards of curation

These are experiential tours that lay the foundation for a career in that space. As an example, the tour that looks at Architecture will have a qualified Architect accompanying the group. The lesson-plan and discussions start off right at the airport where there is a “structured” program to look at designing airports.

  • USA tour at MIT

    This is a tour where the group interacts with the folks at the MIT robotics lab.

  • USA tour at NY Broadway

    The group interacts and gets to work with the NY broadway team for a LIVE workshop

  • USA Visit to NASA

    This is not just a visit that others do : This is where there is an interaction with an Astronaut and the group get a "training" experience

  • France : Art & Architecture

    Get the prospective art & architecture students to visit Paris and experience the nuances of both Roman, European architecture and also look at France as an artist.

  • Italy : Automobiles and Racing

    The team spends time at the Lamborghini factory to understand the world of automobiles + racing

  • Australia : Marine Biology

    Eco-Conservation is a great choice for some students and this tour explores the arena of Marine Biology with a visit to the Great Barrier Reef