About ScienceAdda

At ScienceAdda, we create a fun and unforgettable learning experience for children in the area of Science. We innovate and create thematic (topics in science) experiential Science pavilions that is curated (storytellers) and delivered to children at schools or public locations. These experiences allow children to relate what they learn at school (curriculum) to real-life applications. Our Thematic Pavilions covers single topics like Water, Electricity etc. to more complex / applied ones like Science of Transportation & Science of Entertainment. All Pavilions are very interactive and HANDS ON. We contract with the schools & deliver the shows at their location.

Announcing the


We, as every other Science enthusiast in the country feel that the educational ecosystem is placing far too much stress on marks scored. We’d like the children to enjoy Science in a hands-on manner and also be able to appreciate Science from a real life angle.

The existing laboratories, we believe, are completely out-dated (there has been no significant change in them in the last 50 years) and we think that Science as it taught and the real life applications are completely anachronistic. ScienceAdda has an experiential Science learning model / methodology that is mobile, curated and thematic. These experiences allow children to relate what they learn at school (curriculum) to real-life applications. Being thematic, ScienceAdda curators (storytellers) cover one topic or theme (eg Sound, Light, Water etc) over a 90 minute period at schools across the country. ScienceAdda is gaining tremendous respect for raising the curiosity levels of individuals and enabling touch-&-feel exploration while having fun.

ScienceAdda is a rethinking how Science is taught in schools across India. We tie every concept back to real life application. Our mantra is Hands-On=Minds-On.

Come, join this revolution.